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New & Upcoming Releases

  • Karuba


    The newest game and smash hit from Haba, Karuba is a tile laying game in which players race to discover temples and treasure hidden in the jungle. The game puts players to the task of careful planning as each player starts with an identical board, but through the expedition leader drawing tiles they'll decide to either expand their jungle paths or move their explorers.

    Available Now!

  • World's Fair 1893

    World's Fair 1893

    In this wealth gathering game themed on the amazing World's Fair of 1893 and it's shining white city, players take turns adding support to 5 areas in the fair, collecting and playing cards, and ultimately earning money. At the end of the event, the wealthiest player claims victory!

    Available Now!

  • Imhotep


    In this resource management game, players work over the course of six rounds to build monuments in ancient Egypt, all the while facing the reality of supply and demand as each player must collect resources from the same pools. The players who can plan accordingly and judge timing the best are sure to come out on top.

    Available Now!

  • Fiasco


    Fiasco is a roleplaying game in which players act out a game of "powerful ambition and poor impulse control" through various scenes that will play out. Relationships and locations matter, and the ambitions of each character are essential to the game. Played out in two acts, a game of Fiasco lasts about 2-3 hours. Check it out here!

    Available Now!