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4621 Cheyenne Ave.
Davenport IA 52806 MaxPoint Series Gold Event

When: Saturday June 7th Registration starts at 9am, Player Meeting at 10am
Cost: $20 per player
Format: Standard
Prizes: 1st: $200, Playmat + 30 Points + 2 author token cards
2nd: $100, Playmat + 20 Points + 2 author token cards
3rd-4th: $50, Playmat + 10 Points + 2 author token cards
5th-8th: $25, Playmat + 5 Points + 2 author token cards
9th-16th: 2 Points
Additional Info: We have limited seating so call Dave at Games +1 ASAP to Pre-register. Additional prizes will be awarded based on attendnace. We will also run Conspiracy Theory drafts as often as possible.

Used Game Sale

When: June 29th from 10am - 3pm
What: If you have unwanted games and would like to turn them into Games +1 store credit, this is your chance. This is how it works: Bring in the used games you don't want on Saturday June 28th. They can be board games, RPG's, Mini's, Deck building games or anything else. You tell us what price you want to sell it at. On Sunday June 29th, we open the doors to the public and they come in and buy your games. Games you sell get you that amount of store credit at Games +1. You can use that credit on anything in the store. Sounds easy? It is. Call the store for more details.

Conspiracy Preorders

When: We will take Preorders for Booster Boxes and Cases Now through June 5th
Cost: $90 per Booster Box, $522 per Case

Pathfinder Society Extravaganza

When: April 12th & 13th, muster times are at 9am, 1pm, 6pm on Saturday and 10am on Sunday.
Additional Info: Call Dave for more details at (563) 391-1680.
Link to Pathfinder Society Page

M15 Prerelease

When: July 12th & 13th (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: Midnight flight starts at Midnight. Saturday and Sunday flights start at 10am & 4pm.
Cost: $25 per player per flight
Format: Sealed
Prizes: 2 packs per player
Midnight Flight! Friday Night/Saturday we will host a Midnight Prerelease Flight. We will have 4 rounds with "skins" payout (What is "skins"? Each player will be awarded 1 pack per match win)
Additional Info: Games +1 will open an hour before the first flights of each day.

Journey To Nyx Release

When: Friday July 18th at 6pm (Standard) and 8pm (Draft). Saturday July 19th we'll begin drafting at 1pm.
Cost: Standard is free. Draft is $14 per player.
Format: Standard & Booster Draft
Prizes: FNM Promos for Standard. 1 1/2 packs per player & FNM Promos for Friday Draft

Pathfinder Module Sundays

When: Second Sunday of each month
Cost: Free
What: Modules will be announced at the beginning of the month and will require sign-up to play.
Additional Info: Sign-up and info will be on the QC Pathfinder Society Facebook page found here

Pathfinder Society Day

When: Second Saturday of every month at noon
Cost: Free
What: We will have available up to five adventures each second saturday for players to come out and try new campaign settings.
Additional Info: Call Games +1 for details

XenoCon 3

When: Friday October 3rd, Saturday October 4th & Sunday October 5th
Cost: Preregister at Games +1 for $20 per player & $10 for GMs
What: Come out and play your favorite games at the QC's greatest gaming convention!
Additional Info: If you would like to run an event, please stop by Games +1 and get your GM forms.