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Mon, Tues, Thu 2pm-9pm
Fri 2pm-10pm
Sat 11am-7pm (Central)
Wed & Sun Closed
(563) 391-1680
4621 Cheyenne Ave.
Davenport IA 52806

Used Game Sale

When: Saturday November 22nd 11am - 7pm
Additional Info: We will begin taking in games Nov 17th - Nov 21st. Same deal as last time. You get the value of your used game in store credit if it sells.

Quad-City Champs Tourney

Format: Standard with top 8 draft
When: December 20th at 1pm
Cost: $10 per player
Prizes: First Place receives From the Vault: Annihilation; Additional prizes based on attendance (3 packs per player)

Preliminary Prio Tour Qualifier

When: January 3rd - Registration starts at 1pm, Player Meeting starts at 2pm
Cost: $15 per player
Format: Standard with a cut to top 8
Prizes: 1st through 4th - Pick 1 of the following foil cards: Thoughtseize; Flooded Strand; Windswept Heath; Bloodstained Mire; Garruk, Apex Predator; Ajani, Mentor of Heroes Additional Info: If we get more than 26 players, we will have additional prizes in booster packs and door prizes including an additional foil Thoughtseize. These will scale with attendance. Contact Dave at (563) 391-1680 to Preregister for the event or come on in! Space is limited to 64 players!

Fate Reforged Prerelease

When: Jan 17th & 18th (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: Midnight flight starts at Midnight. Saturday and Sunday flights start at 10am & 4pm.
Cost: $25 per player per flight
Format: Sealed
Prizes: 2 packs per player
Midnight Flight! Friday Night/Saturday we will host a Midnight Prerelease Flight. We will have 4 rounds with "skins" payout (What is "skins"? Each player will be awarded 1 pack per match win)
Additional Info: Games +1 will open an hour before the first flights of each day. First 10 players to preregister for 4 flights receive a Modern Masters booster pack. Additional incentives apply as per last Prerelease.

Fate Reforged Game Day

When: Saturday Feb 14th Noon and 5pm
Cost: Noon is free, 5pm flight is $10 for 3 packs per player into the prize pool.
Format: Standard

Pathfinder Society Day

When: Second Saturday of every month at noon
Cost: Free
What: We will have available up to five adventures each second saturday for players to come out and try new campaign settings.
Additional Info: Call Games +1 for details